Books, Coffee, and Lizards

So I have recently made some new goals for myself.
One of those goals that I feel like I’ve been successful with so far is my goal to read more. I love to read and I need to start making more time to read. I also want to stray from my typical genre of reading. I usually go for the young adult/fiction/substance abuse stories and stories about coming of age. But lately I’ve been trying to dabble in more adult mystery books.
So far I’ve read all of Gillian Flynn’s books: Gone Girl, Dark Places, and Sharp Objects
All of them were good especially dark places.
I also read Bad Girls Don’t Die, From Bad to Cursed. Those were good as well, a little creepy but good.
I very recently just finished reading Crank by Ellen Hopkins which was really good.
Now I’m reading The Truth About Alice something I picked up at the library yesterday.
I joined good reads to track everything I’ve read and get recommendations.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a good book you’ve read?!!?

Lately I have been drinking so much coffee. I bough new coffee creamer and cleaned my coffee maker! We also got new coffee at work which I’m excited for because the last stuff that we had wasn’t the best. So I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee at work. I’ve recently got addicted to Vanilla Carmel creamer!! Mmmm soooo good!


I have made a decision on what type of pet I want to get. Since the apartment I’m living in changed their pet policy I can no longer have a cat or dog (which I’m extremely bummed about) I decided to get the next best thing… A bearded dragon. I’ve been wanting to get one since I lived in the dorms but I could never have one living there.

 Bearded Dragon
 Crocodile Skink
What do you think?!?!



Wheaties, Pajamas, and Dinosaurs.

This week has been very… upsetting.

I’ve been cooped up alone for far too long.  I’m getting to the point of going crazy. Every day its been Wheaties for breakfast (my favorite), immediate change into pajamas when I get home (my favorite), and watching this movie I have on dinosaurs (my favorite). Savannah my good friend and amazing roommate is still running around getting things ready for this school year, finishing up work, as well as other personal things. So she’s been in and out of our apartment. No big deal.. BUT the other people.. the people who claim to be my “friends”. Two of them live in the same building, even the same floor as me and have been nothing but cold. I messaged them both and yesterday Savannah and I stopped by to say hello and we could hear them both in their room laughing… when I knocked it took them forever to open up and low and behold only one of them was “there”. The awkward stare down. The roommate avoids eye contact.
Me: Hey just wanted to say hi since we were on our way back from taking out trash.
LIAR: Oh nice.. *awkward silence, avoids eye contact* LIE
Me: Is ______ home?
LIAR: Uhhhh, no. I think she went to the store or something.. *Nervous shake, avoids eye contact* LIE
We said goodbye and left. A few minutes later Savannah and I decide to walk down to McDonalds and pass the football field… we see __________ leaving the apartment… YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT LADY!!! With that being said, its safe to assume we will never venture to that side of the building again. Honesty with bitterness is better than lying and causing anger.

Another lovely friend of mine decided to ditch me for a guy who I know who is much much older than her, which age should not matter, and it doesn’t. BUT he decided to show us half naked pictures of this one girl who he claimed was “the love of his life” the night he first met my friend and then went on giving her attention, which she claimed is the only thing she liked about him. SOOOOOOOO all of this attention went to her head which cool you go girl!! but when you come to visit your friend who you never get to see, don’t ditch her for some scumbag you just met. AND THEN NEVER TALK TO HER AGAIN. I really appreciate that.

I also came home to the smell of burnt hair. I was informed that some lady burnt hair and the whole place filled up with smoke. That was certainly a new experience.

I also was informed yesterday that the apartments I moved into, the one I specifically looked at and chose to get because they allowed pets, no longer lets their residents have pets. This was extremely upsetting. My cat at my parents house the Friday prior to this was hit by a car and I want an animal to keep me company… but NO, No kitty for me.

Just had a fight with my boyfriend over nothing… long distance relationships suck. I don’t even feel like I’m in a relationship with someone. I just feel like I’m holding my breath for no reason. Will it ever end?!?

Rent is due soon, as well as my electric bill, as well as school books need to be bought.

So small and so insignificant…

Hopefully next week will be better.


Coffee Through The Day

This is the best description of coffee and its place in one’s life!


By now you have probably read my screen name. I started using it when I was about 16 years old, it just came to me since I loved soda so much then I never stopped using it because it was a good screen name available on any site I registered; it didn’t mean that much to me at that time. Then I don’t know if I let the name take over my mind but I certainly developed a true love for coffee and I suppose the effects of caffeine.

This is my first blog post ever and I thought it would be a good idea to write about something I truly love, coffee. My objective is just to describe how every cup of coffee is different from the other depending on the time of the day I take it.

Through the years I have changed my eating schedules and therefore…

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If I had to give “advice” to you today

So inspirational!!


Beging each and everyday knowing that today will be better than yesterday. Walk with purpose. Exceed all of your own expectations. Ignore the assholes. Pay attention to the constructive criticisms. Make the proper adjustments.

Stop listening to the people who seem like they give great advice, but have not progressed in anyway. You know those people that always chime in every time they hear you talking about your life to someone else? Avoid long conversations with them.

Stop with the fear. Just go for it. Get after it. Everybody looks stupid the first time they get on a bike. Staying on the bike is more important than looking cool.

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To a Layered Cake

Recently, and by recently I mean the past 4 hours I stumbled upon a blog.
A layered cake, saying something real, impacting people, sharing their life, their thoughts, the honest truth.
I read her blog posts and got a sense of what her life has become. I don’t want to share to much, it is not my story to tell but I thought I would stand up and recognize her and her layered cake.

You have gone through all kinds of hell and back, you’ve hit rock bottom, you’ve faced demons, you’ve been thrown extreme obstacles, and been dealt a uniquely cruel hand. Yet you wake up every morning and face what the day throws at you. I can only begin to imagine how hard it is for you. With that being said…

You are an inspiration. You’re one of the strongest people I know (know of). You face your demons on the daily and still find a reason to live and keep on. You’re incredibly brave to share your story and share your life on one of the most public places on the face of this earth. As well as awareness to the very real and scary reality not every has to face.

I hope you read this and take it for what I intended it to be and not offensive. I look up to you and commend you for your strength. Living in this world is hard and I hope that I inhabit your strength and bravery. I would like to thank you for spreading the awareness of DID. I knew it existed but I never really thought much past it. After a little research and much help from you, my knowledge on this has grown as well as bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. I would like to thank you for reminding me how precious life is.

It saddens me that you have lost a lot of friendships throughout your journey. Going through constant battles in your head alone is never okay. I know about losing friendships and it’s never easy. I would like to say that I would like to be your friend. I know that may be crazy to say as well as do, but that’s what this place is for. Friendships.

You will always have my support and love!

Keep on being awesome!!